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I was recently part of a panel discussion for the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association. (Why? Because I’m an expert.) During the talk, I learned how important it is for authors to have a recent, professional headshot. So it’s time to reluctantly say goodbye to my previous recent headshot…

… and replace it with something more professional:


Publisher’s Weekly ran an article on this event; it included this blurb:

In case you didn’t know, I’m a giant. Don’t believe me? Check out how tall I am compared to these other very talented writers and artists! (Y’know, the shrimps?) Oh, and this is at Portland’s coolest bookstore, A Children’s Place. The event was a celebration of the new book, Oregon Reads Aloud – A Collection of 25 Children’s Stories by Oregon Authors & Illustrators. The book is a tribute to twenty-five years of SMART’s (Start Making a Reader Today) work empowering Oregon children for reading and learning success. Oregon Reads Aloud proudly features “the state’s rich trove of talent within the children’s literary community.”