The Pocket Guide to Magic

Abracadabra! Hocus-Pocus! Happis Crappis!

Say it together now — MAGIC.

Take a peek inside the magician’s secret wardrobe to discover the tricks of the trade, the tales of derring-do, and the people who made the magic happen.

Demystifying the mystical is the popular, raucous, ready-to-trick-his-own-mother Bart King! But what, you may ask, can Bart do? He can show the ways of the most secretive magicians in the world. His guide includes ways to:

— Improve your street cred with sneaky tricks.

— Discover how some of the most popular illusions were created.

— Cut a person in half . . . and then swallow the sword!

Watch Caleb and me do an insane magic trick!