The Pocket Guide to Brilliance

Seize Control of Your Local Mensa Chapter!

Despite well-organized protests, The Pocket Guide to Brilliance was published. This book was scientifically designed (y’know, by scientists) to enhance your genius and inspire you to become a better citizen.

Plus, it has jokes!

I know what you’re thinking: “Is this some kind of tricky self-improvement plan? Bor-ring!” Not at all! In fact, due to its light weight, handy size, and the heat-activated glue on its cover, you’ll find Brilliance hard to put down.


“Bart King has one of the quirkiest writing styles I know, and it may well be why I like his work so much.  His latest book, The Pocket Guide to Brilliance, is a humorous look at the history of the United States down through the years, and showcases why we Americans are so brilliant (or not-so-brilliant, as the case often is).  It’s definitely good for a laugh, and you’ll pick up more than a few obscure facts that you can use to show your own brilliance…

The slant on brilliance here is given through a series of examples throughout US history of leaders and citizens who cover the entire spectrum of eejits to geniuses.  And of course, most of them are rather humorous (in a warped way).  For instance, General Woods once let the Indian chief Geronimo (held prisoner at the time) inspect his rifle and taught him how to fire it.  Geronimo then proceeded to shoot at a target and hit a passerby.  Geronimo laughed uproariously, handed the gun back over, and said ‘Good gun!’ Of course, what genius allowed him to shoot it in the first place?

Or what about Anne Royall, the first professional female journalist?  She wanted to interview John Quincy Adams, but he wouldn’t grant her the time.  So she followed him down to the river, where he had a habit of skinny-dipping.  She then proceeded to sit on his clothes, refusing to move until he answered all her questions.  And here I thought the Mike Wallace ambush style of journalism was ruthless!

King writes the same way someone would talk to you…  Jokes, silly asides, and a few rabbit trails.  While I’m not sure you’ll come away any more ‘brilliant,’ you will come away with a smile and appreciation that no matter how stupid you think you might be, there’s always others lower on the scale than you are.” —Thomas Duffbert, one of Amazon’s Top 50 Reviewers

“Looking for something to keep you occupied? Bart King is the author for you and your kids! His books will get kids out of the chair and even out of the house doing something nifty and creative. But I have to tell you that it is IMPOSSIBLE to read any of Bart King’s books without turning to the person next to you and reading a paragraph or two out loud to them. The information inside is the kind you (and your kids) will want to share!”—