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“Hi, I’m Bart and I look like a mannequin. Thank you.”


2017: A Children’s Place author event

other authors

In case you didn’t know, I’m a giant. Don’t believe me? Check out how tall I am compared to these other very talented writers and artists! (Y’know, the shrimps?) Oh, and this is at Portland’s coolest bookstore, A Children’s Place.

2017: HomeWord Bound


The Community Partners for Affordable Housing invited me to its fundraiser. Everyone was super-nice, like these people! But I can’t remember what I was saying here. Maybe something like: “So I said, ‘What do you MEAN this isn’t spaghetti?'”

2016: Wild Arts Festival

There are outrageous rumors that I wrote a novel about a birdwatcher (you know, The Drake Equation) just so I’d have a great book at the Audubon Society’s show. And I just want to say that those rumors are actually TRUE!


November, 2016: Wordstock!


I talked about reading, writing, and my new novel, The Drake Equation, at Portland’s book festival, Wordstock.

Below are two photos of me on a panel with awesome author Kate Ristau and coolio moderator Diana Armstrong.


Here, I wait for someone to activate my power switch.


Power ON! Diana looks sad to see this. 🙂

October, 2016: Oregon Reads Aloud!


I got to be part of the coolest event imaginable! It was the SMART kickoff for the children’s book: Oregon Reads Aloud.

The book features 25 illustrated stories—one for each year SMART’s been around. Creative geniuses like Carmen Bernier-Grand, Gina Ochsner, Eric Kimmel, Barbara Kerley, Robin Kerr, Dale Basye —and even Bart King!— contributed their talents. Here’s a video, and below are two photos from our book event!


The authors and illustrators and author/illustrators!


The readers, from Rosa Parks Elementary School!

September, 2016: Northwest Writers Festival

I was at Klindt’s Booksellers in the Dalles, Oregon, celebrating the Northwest Author Festival. Photo below…oh, and here’s this article.writers-festivalkimt

2016 Oregon Writers Festival crowd!

AM Northwest interview about The Big Book of Gross Stuff!

AM Northwest demonstration with Caleb Sohigian about The Pocket Guide to Magic!

BONUS: The Worst Author Event of All Time!

Alison Uttley wrote popular children’s books about the “Little Grey Rabbit.” And she had what may be the worst author’s event of all time. The sad tale is told by a woman named Gwyn Headley who was working at the Westminster Children’s Book Fair:

I was quite good at publicity. At half-hour intervals, the PA system hollered, “ALISON UTTLEY! ‘LITTLE GREY RABBIT’ AUTHOR! HERE AT 12!”

The children were excited to the point of frenzy. We’d placed Ms. Uttley on a curtained platform, and at 12, the curtain rose. A howling crowd of excited children stormed the stage.

But the elderly Ms. Uttley was completely unprepared for this. Dimly she perceived an overwhelming mob running at her and with British pluck she unhesitatingly grabbed her duck-handled umbrella and waded into the attack, felling children right and left.

The kiddies paused, briefly regrouped, then broke up and ran off, screaming in terror. Uttley strode among them, lashing out freely.

The Meet The Author session was abandoned, and I was asked to escort Miss Uttley out of the children’s book fair.