The Big Book of Girl Stuff

Guess what?

Writing books is fun. But I’ve NEVER had as much fun working on one as I did with The Big Book of Girl Stuff!

That’s because the book wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t gotten help from my five sisters. They were all coincidentally girls at one time.

And then there were the 55 young women (all former students in my class) who volunteered to look at my rough drafts. These amazing peeps contributed to, edited, and proofread EVERY chapter in the book. Most of my good ideas for Girl Stuff came from my interviews and emails with them. How cool is that?

Fun Fact: As their teacher, I’d helped these young women edit and rewrite school assignments. But with Girl Stuff, they spun that around! They told me where I needed to go, and where I had gone wrong. This book could never have been written without them. THANK YOU.


“Don’t be put off because it’s written by a man; in the acknowledgments King credits the many women who helped him, so you can be sure this book isn’t full of horse puckey…. His writing is sheer fun …With humor and sensitivity, King addresses social situations and issues that girls experience….He does an exceptional job discussing self-esteem and beauty…. parents concerned about girls growing up too fast can get this book with a clear conscience. Informative, inspiring and silly. Kudos to Bart King!” —National Center for the Study of Children’s Literature

“A must-have for preteen girls: It’s funny and informative.” —Parenting magazine

“Filled with empowering facts, science experiments, fashion tips, girlie stuff, sports, boys and just about everything girls need or want to know about growing up.” —Spartanburg Herald-Journal

“I was completely absorbed when reading this book… There are thirty-two wonderful chapters filled with advice that is positively relevant for middle and young adult readers. The information is done in reader-friendly format… and illustrations are used to add interest and humor… Ideal to give as a gift to any girl who is just becoming interested in boys or to improve her interaction with friends. I highly recommend this book.” —Children’s Literature

“The Big Book of Girl Stuff offers a pink cover, a fun tone, lively graphics and the wit and wisdom of a best friend, big sister and mom rolled into 320 pages for girls 9 to 12, with everything from great sleepover games to how to deal with mean girls.” —The Buffalo News

“As well as being helpful, the book is hip and funny, with quizzes and cartoons galore. It is full of the kinds of trivia and games that girls love to giggle over.”   —Mary Quattlebaum, Washington Parent

“[There is] something for every girl in The Big Book of Girl Stuff… [The book] helps girls solve their problems… [and] shows lots of amazing girls who did wonderful things. A really useful chapter called “Lies, Mean Girls, and Jerks” talks about how not-so-nice girls work. It tells you how to defend yourself when mean girls bother you.” —The Chicago Tribune

“If you’re looking for a survival guide on babysitting nightmares, boy problems and the scoop on girl fashion, this is the book for you! In The Big Book of Girl Stuff… a whole new outlook on everything a girl could ever want to know is placed in one easy-to-read format. The book is a guide of sorts that contains lots of facts that range from strange to plain random. Some good examples are learning your Star Wars nickname and how boys think and act. The book has a neat reversible cover that can easily keep your guide from unwanted eyes….The age range of this could be changed from its recommended age group of 8 to 14 and up. Both younger and older girls could use this book, because some information is directed to older readers while other facts could be for young kids. The Big Book of Girl Stuff is definitely a keeper…. is a good read when it’s a rainy day and you want a good laugh.” —The Saint Petersburg Times

“Chock-full of hints and guidance. From the silly (‘Why boys smell so bad’) to the slightly serious (‘Lies, Mean Girls, and Jerks’), it will have readers thumbing through the volume again and again. The author keeps the mood light and the sections short and sweet…. the text has a good flow. As the extensive bibliography demonstrates, King has done his research. Growing up is a challenge, and his hip handbook is a resource not only for girls, but parents as well…. the author’s sense of humor and lighthearted approach make this one accessible to a wide range of readers.” —School Library Journal

“A comedic compendium stuffed with fun facts and useful tips for any girl who wants to know how to spot a liar, throw a good slumber party or even cope with a killer crush.” —The Ottawa Citizen

“A great gift for girls – and a very fun read.” —Parent Map

“Interesting, educational and empowering – a perfect combination of elements for every girl who understands the joys of childhood and the trials of growing up.” —Washington Family Magazine

Ooh, video!

There is a new edition of The Big Book of Girl Stuff. But the first version was back in 2006! Here’s a video from those prehistoric times: