The Big Book of Boy Stuff

Check it out:

The Big Book of Boy Stuff was’s best-selling children’s book for a whole day! And it also won a couple of awards, like the “Teenage” category at the New York Book Festival.

But the BEST thing about The Big Book Boy Stuff is it tells how many mosquitoes it takes to suck all the blood out of a person. Maybe that’s why some kids call this “the best book ever written.” (Of course, they are probably exaggerating.) Oh, and Boy Stuff is NOT just for boys. Girls are totally welcome!)

When the first edition of Boy Stuff came out, it sold out instantly. Then it was featured on the front page of the Oregonian:


“Genuinely funny.” — Publishers Weekly

“Part life’s little handbook, part gut-busting joke book, and thoroughly inspirational, this treasure will get a place of honor on any young man’s bookshelf.” — Greg Lauzon, FamilyFun Magazine

“This is a perfect gift for kids.” — The Denver Post

“It does not matter what page you open in this book, every page holds a treasure trove of information that boys will love (and many girls, too.)” —Children’s Literature

“This is a great book for a rainy day… If you want a book that is like no other you’ve ever read, then this one is for you.” — Chicago Tribune

“Again and again, I laughed out loud. Again and again, I was glad I was by myself so nobody would ask me what was funny. Since I, a sober-sided adult, am laughing, it probably follows that boys would be rolling on the floor completely helpless with hilarity…. Besides being funny, the book is informative…. Yes, I admit, I love this book. So will your ‘boy.'”  —Fran Hawk, The Post and Courier

“Buy this book for your children and enlarge their imagination. This is a flat-out good book. The grade: A.” —The Beacon News (Illinois)

“This is a very funny book… The author merrily thumbed his nose at political correctness when he packed these pages with activities and fun facts aimed right where teen-age boys want to be… Lots of people will find this book for boys hard to put down, even grown-up females like me.” —New Mexico Kids

“Highly creative, informative, and fun.” —School Library Journal

“One of the funniest books I’ve read in a while.” —Janice Okun, The Buffalo News

“Bart King… offers up 287 pages of the coolest, craziest and most creative ideas ever to keep any boy busy and happy on a free afternoon… boys will find this enormously entertaining and probably quite educational, as well. It’s good for many hours of fun, and could be indispensable when summer vacation rolls around.” —Claire Abraham, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Written for both adults and kids, this book is perfect for mothers who didn’t have brothers and are ill-prepared for what behavior to expect as their boys become men… This book is very funny, useful and approved by the Federal Burping Institute.” —Chicago Parent

“This book will perfectly entertain all kids who love experiments, weird facts, gross stuff, flying things, and armpit bagpipes among other adventuresome stuff.” —Los Angeles Family

“This cool book is a must-have… Perfect for perusing by a group of guys… It explains all sorts of fascinating phenomena… an incredible amount of boyish entertainment packed in one book… Get this book. Your boy will love you for it.” —Copley News Service

“(It) will keep young lads engrossed — and grossed out — for hours on end with page after page of scientific facts, experiments, jokes, and explanations for various biological functions.” —The Patriot Ledger

“Kids will love Boy Stuff… They just want to have fun, and Bart King, a self-described veteran of many water balloon wars, provides the blueprint.” —The Daily Oakland Press

“The ultimate compilation of everything you possibly could need to know about being a guy… the book is chock-full of enough fun to keep the reader occupied for hours on end… nearly impossible to put down.” —Post and Courier (Charleston, SC)

“Hilarious, disgusting… It’s fast, often rude, very funny and features great illustrations… Adults are liable to appreciate this book every bit as much as kids” —Statesman Journal

“(King) has managed to strike a balance between excitement and safety, goofiness and good information.” —Vancouver Sun

“Bart King’s new book was written for boys – but it also appeals to people who are girls or who used to be boys, or who have raised boys or married boys, or who were raised with brothers and would still like to get even.” —Deseret News

“The kind of book a boy would adore. My brothers would have memorized the contents of this book, and it would have made them very popular.” —Margie Boule, columnist, The Oregonian

“Chock-full of ways to entertain kids of all ages: jokes, gross stuff, experiments, flying things, lizards and more. And the best part is that sons and fathers are playing and learning together, as the book reveals hundreds of useful history facts and science-inspired experiments.” —Donna Willis, Columbus Parent

“The book’s best quality is its lack of political correctness. There’s plenty of talk about belches, farts, fireworks, sharp objects – all the things that make boys tick. King includes warnings where appropriate, but for the most part he trusts the reader to use common sense, and failing that, first aid.” — City Paper (Nashville)

“This interesting and very funny encyclopedia has everything from jokes to magic tricks to campfire safety.” — The Buffalo News

“[King’s] practical jokes are mean-spirited, his activities trite, and his I’m-a-cool-adult style reeks of trying too hard.” — Leigh Fenly, San Diego Union-Tribune (she seems nice!)

“Informative and fun.” — Ginnie Cooper, Director, Brooklyn Public Library

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