Bad Dad Jokes: That’s How Eye Roll

Celebrate the Dad Joke lifestyle!

Packed with jokes and wordplay for your favorite punster, Bad Dad Jokes covers every aspect of the most simultaneously loathed and beloved joke form of all time: the pun. Because “Dad Humor” should be practiced by everyone (regardless of age, gender, or family status) this book serves to encourage creative thinking and punning habits for everyone! Learn how to properly deliver a pun (whether written, visual, or verbal) and how to pretend you’re sorry for your Dad Joke (even when you’re not). Includes: quality pre-loaded puns, the taxonomy of the different types of wordplay, famous punsters, and Great Moments in Dad Joke History.

Bart King Bad Dad Jokes Boarder Collie

From the Pulitzer-Prize winning team of Bart King & Jack Ohman!

Bart King has written over 25 books and one unpublished volume of turtle poetry. Jack Ohman is Sacrament Bee‘s editorial cartoonist and won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning. And by virtue of working with Bart, Mr. Ohman allowed him to write that entirely misleading headline.

Bart King Bad Dad Jokes Draw Bridge